Lost File Lesson

Through a series of events I have learned many things. This is probably the most general statement I have ever written. That sounds like the statement of my life, of your life. But, in one weekend, that statement felt more true and fufilled then ever. What I want to write about is not my weekend, or how my life changed in more than one way. What I want to write about is the value of lessons and the perspective of time. These two ideas are very broad, but I think that we can bring them into a focused point and lesson.

Lesson Learned

I bring up the idea of valuing lessons because the word “lesson” and a lesson itself can be experienced in many ways. When I think of a lesson, I think about it in the context of my own experiences. This might include a school lesson. Someone could experience a lesson from a trade or art. The lesson that I want to talk about is a hard lesson. These are the lessons we learn the hard way. Its interesting how the best lessons are usually the hardest lessons. We know it deep down, but we don’t always talk about it. The hardest lessons happen becauese we actually went out to experience something instead of just reading a book or listening to someone speak.

I learned a hard lesson. Well, the definition of this “hard lesson” is a little different than most. Usually what happens is that something goes wrong, and because of a failure, there is a lesson learned. With my situation, I had a great experience, but what I thought was a story to tell, turned out to be a lesson learned. I know that sounds odd, but its true. I had the priveledge to sit down with a loving and well-respected new married couple. JR and Massiel Ferrer are newly weds that I have known for awhile now. Massiel was one of the kids pastors at my church when I was a teen. JR has been working at marketing for CUC since I’ve been there. These two are a beautiful marriage.

I wanted to meet up with them to do an interview for an article. With valentines day coming up, I thought it would be good to get a perspective on discipleship and practical faith from a newly wed. I had questions prepared and we sat down as JR made me coffee. The interview was fourty minutes long. A beautiful combination of experiences, laughs and passions.

The sad thing is that after that recorded interview, all I have left is the questions. I started with questions and all I have to prove is my questions. After listening to only half of it, I lost the audio file from the interview. I died inside. It hurt. This is my hard lesson. You might ask how I lost the file. I have been asking myself that same questions. I honestly don’t have an answer.

Perspective of Time

Through their whole discussion, I learned a lot about love and passions and marraige. I wanted to share this with everyone else, but I think that wasn’t meant to be. This is the part about perspective of time. Yes, considering what I went there to do, it felt like wasted time because the file disapeared. But, when I change my perspective on my situation based on the lesson that I learned and the time that it took, I have peace about it all. Since you don’t know exactly what happened that weekend, it just seems like another story. But, since I know how incredible that weekend was, I’m not suprised that this happened. It’s interesting how a puzzle piece will fit if you just turn it. The piece never changed its shape or colour, but once you turn it it fits and makes more sence. Losing that file makes no sense to anyone, but me.

The lessons you learn in life don’t need to make sense to anyone else. What has happened fits in your puzzle, not someone else’s. You are the one that knows what the puzzle looks like. And yes, you can go learn lessons from reading books, articles, and watching vidoes. What will you do with all of that? These lessons were leared by people because they did something. Go and learn your lesson.

Let It Happen

I don’t need to write about the necessity of rest. Most of us understand the desire for relaxation and rest. Our body always seems to be ready for it, especially when we don’t expect it. The definition is what I want to talk about. When I say ‘definition’, I do not want to make a very definite or factual statement. As a writer and human being, I do not have the answers. This post is meant to bring perspective, be it right or wrong.

Googling the word ‘rest’ brings up some company or thing that is an acronym.

That is obvious not what I want to talk about here. If you are here to learn things about that company, you are in the wrong placze. If you go down the page on google, the right kind of ‘rest’ will come up. Now is not the time to google this though.

Before we go on to the definition, actually, we might never go to the real definition. I want to try something with you readers. Something that I have learned in my program at CUC is how to exegete a scriptural text. You make ask, “Brenden, where are you going with this?” Just stick with me here. With all the times I have done an exegesis on the Greek or Hebrew text, there is a simple process called a word study. In this word study, we take one greek or Hebrew word and find the english definition based on how it is used throughout the Bible.

I hope you kind of followed me there. Now, what I am going to do with the word ‘rest’ is treat it like a Greek or Hebrew word study. We aren’t going to look in the Bible or anything. This is just for a personal experience. In a word study, you cannot take the definition of the word. You have to forget all you know or remember about the word & only understand it based on how it is used. This is what I want to do with rest, the word & the idea of it.

Forget what you think, don’t google it, and close your eyes. Think of all the times you have experienced rest.

Now, why do we even need to define rest? The moment we try to figure out rest & relaxation is the same moment we lose it. We don’t need a word study or a definition. Rest should be simple and undefinable. It is different to everyone. Let it be unique to you. Just experience rest.

God gave us rest in Him. He sat back to look at all that he had created and saw that it was good. As a leader, there is a time for rest and relaxation. This can be a time for reflection. I don’t need to explain why it is important.

“Be still, and know that I am God! I am exalted among the nations, I am exalted in the earth.” – Psalm 46:10 (NRSV)

 Happy Sabbath

The Quitters Who Shouldn’t Quit

I always feel that my taste is ‘killer’ compared what I create. This has motivated me to start and continue things that have turned into real skills. Evaluate what motivates you and take action. I want to be known as the quitter who never actually quit.

Failure is the start to something beautiful. Each of us has the ability to become the best we want to be.

What can help you fill the gap of creativity? What motivates you to take action?

There Are No Rules To Social Media

I tend to turn on a good podcast while doing custodial work around the dorm at CUC. The definition of “good” is based on my own taste in music, odd technology, and humorous conversation. I don’t know one person in my group of friends that listens to podcasts. When I sign up for podcasts, I usually get lost in subscribing to over 100 for no reason. This is a reoccurring habit with most things that I discover. But, in the midst of hundreds of random podcasts, I discovered a good one. This is the RELEVANT Podcast.

Why would I start out a blog talking about a podcast? Through their random conversations and ‘slices’, there was a very good point brought up about social media. It started with a story about a live tweeted birth As I listened, I thought about my own experience with twitter and other social media. I also thought about how I, and most men in the world, would never live tweet a woman’s birth. As the conversation continued, Shauna Niquest, brought up a good point about social media.

“This isn’t like other things. There are no rules and everybody just has to decide their own rules and stay consistent to their own rules…. The important thing is not that I use it the way you use it, but it’s that we each have an understanding.”

Their conversation continued and as usual, my mind wandered into itself.

I tend to get lost in my own mind, and in the world of social media. When I say this, I don’t mean getting lost in terms of usability or friendliness. I get lost in the very philosophical thoughts of being a part of this whole “other world” of social media. Something I hear once and awhile is that everyone has two “identities.” One identity is online and one is offline. I don’t know if I agree or disagree, but it makes me think. What is my purpose on twitter, facebook, and other places?

I like what Shauna says about social media because it really is to each our own. I always compare myself to other people on social media. It starts with what I post and usually ends with how many people care or even react to what is going on. I am an over thinker and I have placed my value in my identity and success on social media. I know that I do, but I really shouldn’t care about my success on social media. I heard a wonderful sermon at a campus ministries convention this semester. The chaplain talked about how we are each uniquely valued. One thing that really caught my attention was this:

“Don’t place your value in the success of your relationships or ministry. Place your value in Christ.”

Don’t place your value in your social media presence. Don’t place your value in how many likes, friends, or followers you have.

I think social media is great, but I seem to worry about it too much. I have family, friends, and and Heavenly Father who are there without social media. My understanding of social media is my own expression. I am not saying to get off it, or delete everything. This is just a new perspective.

What is your understanding of social media?